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Focussed on serving the offshore industry, operating predominantly in dynamic positioning for diving and construction vessels, DP drilling operations, semi submersible and mono-hull. For the last decade the company has provided services including vessel audits, suitability validations, DP assurance, mobilisations to projects, conversions and builds. Current clients include vessel owners, charterers and major oil companies.

The company also provides advice and support for contractual acceptance, unit construction deliverables and operational readiness. We have conducted hundreds of audits and inspections on various vessels and barges for major oil companies.

It is easy to find fault but knowledge, competency and experience is needed to find the answers. We dont just raise issues , non compliances and action lists, but provide solutions, minimising downtime, satisfying clients and optimizing operational efficiency. We are also cognisant with the importance of industry standards, policy, budget control and cost effectiveness.


Based on our past experience

Marine & Technical

  • Dynamic Positioning Operations, specialising in diving, drilling and construction.
  • MODU Operational Stability and VDL maximisation.
  • Stress and stability.
  • Warranty Survey, contract suitability / acceptance inspections of vessels and drilling units.
  • Load out and sail away approval for client, warranty and underwriter purposes.
  • Casualty and Incident investigation for MODU’s DP related or anchored.
  • Engineering project, development, inspection and surveys.
  • Attending and verification of Customer Acceptance trials & Factory tests (CAT’s FAT’s)
  • Shipyard Support
  • Design and Naval Architect Services & Support.

Health & Safety

Accident, illness or injury onboard a rig or vessel, food posioning to viral infection, can lead to inability to continue operations or total shutdown of the unit.

  • HSE Inspections of vessels and rigs
  • Audits for ISM compliance against the company Safety Management System
  • Health audits, including medical provision, shore based medical support and implementation to oil company expectations.

Legal & Contractual

The company has proven experience on differing projects in determining for clients such as investors, charterers and finance providers the true status of units in build or conversion and determination of meeting or having the ability to meet contractual deadlines or milestone achievements. Past experience in providing this service for major oil companies has DMC ideally placed for this type of work. The compamy has experiecne of legal dispute and court tribunal representaiton.

  • Verification of contractual compliance for builds and upgrade processes
  • Deliverance milestone completions
  • Verification of Operational readiness
  • Expert witness and proceedings.

Project Management

We can assist or supervise with planning and execution of a variety of projects and shipyard construction works, be this from sight verification work or to leading the project. Typically include Drill ship upgrades, new builds and vessel conversions.

  • Yard Conversions and Upgrades. Specialising in DP drilling, construction and FPSO.
  • Commissioning including development of commissioning procedures to class acceptance
  • Verification and Acceptance of systems. Provision of acceptance criteria to client satisfaction.
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